This is no longer experimenting.

Well, ACTUALLY…it is, but I’ve seriously taken so many portraits now that I feel like I’ve got the hang of the portrait thing. I’ve photographed all of my cousins PLUS maternity pictures of my aunt! (And I get to do newborn pictures in January!) Now, I know that by now, you probably think that my blog is turning into a photography blog. Certainly three out of the six posts I published within a little more than two weeks ago have been photography, but I can’t help it! I present new ones to you today only for two reasons. One: I’ve had school, y’all, school (insert terrified face), two: I have less time (Because of SCHOOL) and therefore three: Less blog post configuring. Which means that I fall back on easy-to-make posts, like photography posts. It’s a crime, I tell you, a regular crime. I just need to sit down, write out some posts and get on with it! I shouldn’t hide behind school. Oh well, I guess you know what I’LL be working on now!

All that being rambled, I present to you some more portrait photography.


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Experimenting with Portrait Photography

A couple days ago, I went down to my aunt-and-uncle’s house and stole my cousin Freedom for some experimental photography. I haven’t really had much of a chance to photograph people, and Freedom is so photogenic! After a lot of pointing at trees, playing with leaves, and chortling at chickens, we got our result. I’m really happy with what turned out!



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