Traveling Tiptoes, 5

“Bonjour!” “Good day!” “How is your family?” “Bonjour!” “Good day!” “How is your wife?” “I need six eggs!” “THAT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!” “There must be more than….”
Yes, sorry. I have Belle from Beauty and the Beast stuck in my head from chorus on Monday.

Today is Traveling Tiptoes! And guys, I’ve been so bad. I keep forgetting to take them. Oh wait…deja vu. I’ve said that before.

This is from when we were in the national forest! I decided to stand barefoot on a rock next to the river.

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Traveling Tiptoes, 4

I have been sooooooo bad about my tiptoeing pictures, you guys! I keep forgetting to take them! But never fear, I shall start trying to remember. These are the ones I have left from when I stopped posting them for a while. Thus, you have some snow pictures!

This was the first snow! Out in my bare feet I went. Brrrrr!!!!

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Traveling Tiptoes, 2

Welcome to another episode of Traveling Tiptoes! I haven’t been anywhere much this week, just to lessons and getting my braces off on Tuesday, so I pulled some old tiptoe pictures out. However, my mom and I are going to DSW to look for shoes tomorrow, so that will be extra fun for you-all!

This was Tuesday. I was all dressed and ready to go and with all my music in my backpack next to me. We are standing by the door.

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New Year, New Series

How are y’all? Excited for this great New Year? I know, I’m an optimist. However I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a good year. Finally, we’re on another even number. (I dislike odd numbers greatly.)

With this  new year, I am going to begin a new series. Excited? Yup, me too. Have you seen me posting pictures like this?


Foot pictures. Which my dad thinks are entirely disgusting. (He just doesn’t like feet.) Well, I thought, I’m always taking foot pictures, so why not turn them into a signature series?

I asked a few of my readers to come up with a name for me. There were several that I loved, but I narrowed it down. I chose “Traveling Toes” from Lizzie. However, it needed something else. So I changed it to…
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