My Top Five Tips for Better Singing


As most of you know, I have professionally studied voice for over a year, and I have learned a LOT in the process. Today I’m going to share my top five tips for better singing and sound.

*Disclaimer: I am currently using the Estill voice training method of which I believe is one of the best methods out there for voice. Because of this, most of my tips will be centered on techniques I have learned while studying this method.*

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Basic Photography for Beginners // Part One


Hello, and welcome to my new series: Basic Photography for Beginners! In this series I will start at the beginning and explain basic photography. This course can be helpful to you if you have a dSLR, a point and shoot, or even just a phone. You also don’t even need to be interested in photography as a hobby or job – good photography skills are important for everyone, especially since many people now have a camera accessible to them on their phone. Today I’ll start with two major elements: composition and light.

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How To fire back at old man winter


Well, the time change is here, and unfortunately, it’s one of the causes of Seasonal Depression. For those who don’t know what seasonal depression is (otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, abbr. SAD), it’s a type of depression that often occurs during the same season each year – for most,  that season is mid fall through winter.  Causes can be: lack of vitamin D (which is naturally derived from the sun), the time change, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and other causes still not known.

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How I Kick Fall Colds in the Butt


Raise your hand if you or somebody you know has already gotten sick this autumn. Uh-huh, that’s what I figured. Now how many of you have gotten away with a single cold this year?

I have. Last winter, actually, I didn’t get sick once and all year I’ve only had one cold…back in March. However, I’m not going to just sit here and gloat about it – I’m going to share my tips for staying well all winter long.

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