My Top Five Tips for Better Singing


As most of you know, I have professionally studied voice for over a year, and I have learned a LOT in the process. Today I’m going to share my top five tips for better singing and sound.

*Disclaimer: I am currently using the Estill voice training method of which I believe is one of the best methods out there for voice. Because of this, most of my tips will be centered on techniques I have learned while studying this method.*

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Goals for 2017

2017 goals

I’ve read many similar blog posts about “goals” for 2017, because there are many people who don’t like the word “resolution”. I don’t prefer one word over the other, but I’m choosing “goals” this year because resolutions have never seemed to work out for me.

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My 16 Best Posts of 2016


2016 was the very first complete year of blogging and I published exactly 158 posts! The month with the least amount of posts was February (7) and April and May tied for the greatest amount. (17 each) The average for posts published per month is 13.2. Aren’t those stats interesting? One would almost (almost, mind you) think that math was a favorite subject of mine! But in fact, I entirely despise it. But we’re getting off topic.

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