My Vintage Inspiration: Interior Decor


Recently, I’ve really loved retro house styles. I guess it’s not a surprise because I love everything else retro as well! I love the shape and roundness of mid-century style, but unlike my grandmother’s mid-century style, which is earthy colors, I prefer bright, cheery colors and pastels. I’ve gathered together some images that I really love.

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Monthly Favorites | August 2016

I have a serious problem, y’all. I start every single monthly favorites post with the declaration that I just CAN’T believe we’ve ended another month. So original, am I right? Yeah….nope. It ain’t. I can’t help it, though, because that’s what is on my mind at the end of every month – are we SERIOUSLY through this one now?


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Monthly Favorites // June 2016

Can you believe it? We’re in JULY!!! That’s just absolutely crazy. But…”‘The time has come!’ the Walrus said, ‘to talk of other things…'” And the “other things” I mean right now are not “shoes and ships and sealing wax” nor “cabbages and kings” but my Monthly Favorites! (For those who don’t know, I was quoting from Alice in Wonderland 😉
Here’s what I’ve loved this month.

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