To Die for Banana Cake (Also why I’m mad at HS grammar)


Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m kind of cheating on my goal to make a food post this month. See, I just realized today that this was the last weekend in October* (like waht.) and I was all in a tizzy because my weekend is packed with photoshoots and oh my word I STILL have not made anything as far as food goes for my blog! IT’S A CRIME I TELL YOU. So in my discombobulation I saw that my mom was quite conveniently making a deliciously-smelling item. “What’s that?” I ask. “Banana cake” she replies. And I was all like “OOH CAN I TAKE PICTURES OF IT FOR MY BLOG??” And what do you think happened?

*Oh and by the way – I just looked at the calendar now and realized that it is indeed NOT the last weekend of October *calms down*.

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Anne Shirley’s Chocolate Cake


The Anne of Green Gables series has always been a favorite of mine. When my besties and I decided to go on a picnic at the local arboretum, I knew that we must have a chocolate cake. In the beginning of Anne of Ingleside, Anne, now a mother of five children, is back in Avonlea where she was raised, and she and her “bosom friend” Diana go on a “do-you-remember” picnic to reminiscence old times. Anne bakes a chocolate cake…and so that is where the idea of a chocolate cake on our picnic came from.

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Canning Tomatoes


We have a lot of tomatoes.

And when I say a lot, I mean it.

We have so many that we have to can them. Last year we made a lot of tomato sauce and salsa, but this year we decided not to. We’ve just been canning plain tomatoes, so that when we need to make sauce and stuff, we’ll have our fresh garden tomatoes.

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Authentic Kaese Spaetzle


I have a rather interesting family background. My father is Canadian, and my mom is part English, part German with Hungarian, Scottish, and a bunch of other stuff thrown in. Mostly just English and German. There’s one thing that we carry from the German side, and that’s the food. Our favorite dish is kaese spaetzle – sort of like the German form of macaroni and cheese.  It starts with a homemade noodle.

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Quick & Easy Breakfasts


Making a quick and healthy but easy breakfast every morning can be tough. Sometimes I feel like saying, “Oh, just have cereal today”. But I feel guilty that I’m not feeding my little brother healthy nutrients. So in order to prevent that from happening, I’ve collected some great breakfast recipes that are both quick AND healthy!

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Healthy No-Bake Superfood Cookies


It’s been so long since I’ve posted a recipe. The fact is, I’ve been so busy (school, y’all) and garden and other stuff has been occupying my Saturdays instead of baking/cooking/creating masterpieces in the kitchen. But, I put it on my list to make two recipes this June. I also have a food post planned for July as well! So hopefully I’ll get back on track. :)

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Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Y’all, Mother’s Day is coming up FAST. This year, we aren’t having the usual brunch! We’re just having a little desert on Mother’s Day with the family and hopefully it will be less stressful. However, every other year, we always do brunch and long ago, my mom used to do HUGE buffets! (I just love buffets, don’t you?) As I know the traditional thing to do is brunch, I have collected some of the delicious recipes I’ve been seeing come out on the blogs. Here ya go!


Blackberry Ginger Cupcakes by Just About Baked.

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Orange Cream Smoothie

Sweet and creamy, yet tangy and delicious. A purrfect combination of orange and vanilla.


Hey y’all! I’m sure you were wondering what happened to my recipes! The answer is that I haven’t really been baking or cooking a lot recently. I’ve been busy! And unfortunately, we had a “mold incident” (cue the scary music) with our blender, so I hadn’t made smoothies for absolutely forever! My mom finally bought a Magic Bullet just a few days ago. I don’t like it as much as the Ninja…don’t think it’s as powerful, but it is a blender and at least I can make smoothies again!
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