About the cats

august stats- (17)As my human, Aria, will not allow me to have a full page to myself, I must keep my biography short. I weigh about thirteen or fourteen pounds, have orange fur, a striped tail, and I’m three human years old. My owner pretends to cry whenever anyone mentions my age. Humans.


My hobbies are catching squirrels, mice, birds, and any juicy rodent. I’m a homebody, and rarely adventure far off. I try to trick the humans into bringing me inside quite a lot, but they won’t let me in except for at night. Nevertheless, I do manage to be inside quite often, because the humans, particularly the young boys, are not too careful when leaving the door open.


I live with my accomplice, Tiger, in the garage at night, and outside in the day. Of course the humans’ schedule is all off, but I can’t help that, can I?

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Tree-climbing is another pastime of mine, especially when the humans are chasing me at night.


I also rather enjoy modeling for the box-device that the humans point at me quite often. Especially when I’m trying to get a good nap.


And now I will pass off the keyboard over to the afore-mentioned accomplice, Tiger.

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I’m about two years old and I love to wander. Sometimes I don’t come home at night because I’m so busy adventuring off in the dark woods.


I love to chase anything with feathers, particularly large turkeys; deer, and any other wildlife that comes my way. I’m always on the lookout for anything that moves, tasty or not.


I’m fascinated in what the humans do and try to get into any space available.


My older brother catches squirrels and I eat them. We make quite a team.


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