About Me


Hi y’all! I’m Aria Lisette. I’m the gal behind the camera and the owner of tap-dancing fingers.  Welcome to my cubicle in cyberspace! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. I’m a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a professional photographer (website coming soon)

Purrfectly Inspired is where I artistically dump photos, dash words around, and hit publish in the end. Some of these batches of random turn out well; some are mere experiments. It’s okay – I’m here to share things with you and I have a lot of fun in the process. These bits of organized random end up being pieces of different pies – lifestyle, beauty, food, DIY, and photography. I’ve tried to taste only one pie, but I am too much of a hobbyist – so my cubicle takes on a mish-mash. It’s all good because the mish-mash ends up like Reese’s Pieces with some potato chips and m&ms.

I’m a musician, a follower of Jesus Christ, a petter of cats, a lover of all things vintage (frilly blouses & high-waisted skirts are included!), a protector of dusty hardcover novels that have reached their centennial mark, and a chaser of ideas. I’m also an overachiever and will be up at midnight with my head spinning on the subject of redecorating a friend’s bedroom or with a whole new blog theme planned out.

I live in a hamlet on a seventeen acre property-estate, in the midst of a small village. The said village does not own a “downtown”, its business offices are cornfields, and the most popular stop is Ingles – which by the way, is a very recent addition. I love to sing, watch old movies, give very lengthy explanations, read, and act like a nerd. Sometimes it’s very convincing, too.

And with that all been said, I wish you happy reading.

singing off,