Vintagey Purple Photoshoot

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I had a lot of fun when my friend Hannah came over the other day! I think she did too. 😉 We decided to do a little photoshoot so I put some makeup on her and curled her hair and then set her up with my vintage props! It’s fun to just take photos and work on different angles, and it’s especially fun when your subject is as pretty as Hannah is! Seriously, y’all, her hair. I love her hair. And hey, my vintage props are put to good use…

Head here to see the second outfit we did. :)

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11 thoughts on “Vintagey Purple Photoshoot

  1. Rasya says:

    All the pictures look lovely!

    I just got myself a new camera and I’ve been trying to use it to improve my photography skills but I’m too lazy to get my ass out of my home so I guess I’m stuck on taking pictures from outside of my window.

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