Meet Florabelle


Finally, my farm girl dream has come true – we have a COW! I’ve wanted a cow for a long time – we have chickens, we have meat rabbits, we have an orchard, blueberries, and a garden – so a cow seemed to be logically the next addition.


We had thought about getting goats pretty seriously (or, rather, seriously enough for my mom to buy a pair of pink Hunter boots) but decided that this was not the right year. But then earlier in March, my granddad went to a conference/fair/expo that had a lot of different classes about various things in farming, homesteading, and sustainability. One of the classes was on cows; entitled The Return of the Family Milk Cow.


Well, the teacher of the class must have been a remarkably good propagandist because Granddaddy got home and decided we needed a cow.


Aaaaaannnnd….granddaddy got his cow. Miss Florabelle is two years old and she is pregnant with a calf! Her due date is October 8th, so not too far away from now :) I will be the designated milker, although I do hope I’ll do a better job than Lucy 😉



Right now I am learning how to lead her and having her get used to me as we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of each other in the coming months!

DSC_7974 DSC_7980

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8 thoughts on “Meet Florabelle

  1. Allison says:

    Aww, Florabelle is beautiful, and I love her name! A few years ago we raised triplet calves and named them Flossie, Florrie, and Ferdinand. XD Our cows are Holsteins so they’re not as pretty in my opinion – but they do give over ten gallons of milk a day! O.o

  2. Maddy says:

    OH MY GOODENSS!!! Florabelle is beautiful!
    I’ve always wanted a cow. And when I say always, I mean ALWAYS. :)
    I love the name Florabelle! It fits her perfectly! :) If my family ever gets a cow, my Mama wants to name her Flossie!

  3. Hayley says:

    She’s so adorable!! Our milk cow just calved two weeks ago, and my sister and I are the milkers :). So far milking has been a blast, I actually really enjoy it. In the beginning my fingers would get really crampy, but after a few days my fingers were used to it :). I’m excited to see your posts in the future about the calf and milking!!

    • Aria says:

      Thanks, Hayley! Yes, she is! Oh, how fun! We are going to use a milker device, and not actually hand-milk, but I think I’ll probably try hand-milking anyway!

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