A Rant on Rain and miscellaneous items




You know, there’s just one thing I’m not too fond of that comes every spring and summer, and that is the rain. Winter’s bad enough, being cold, damp, and drizzly, but having wet, gray, cloudy days in the spring is simply unacceptable! And we’ve had more than our share of those delightful rainy days (just hear my sarcasm) this past April. Yes, yes I know – “April showers bring May flowers” but April’s showers should be a light shower, 30 minutes a day in the middle of the night. Wind and thunder are not included in this bundle. And even if it does rain during the middle of the day, let’s have a short, glistening sunny shower that leaves everything feeling refreshed – not drowned.

DSC_5105 DSC_5125 DSC_5098

But what can I say? I can’t fix the rain, unfortunately. (Although in Son of Flubber, Fred MacMurray had a weather-making machine. I can’t remember if it worked in the opposite direction.) And rain is just one of those things that is good for the garden. (Even if it splashes mud up on the lettuce and it takes twice as long to wash it.) I really can’t complain about the rain after experiencing a drought. But I have to say, couldn’t we just have a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle more sun?

DSC_4961 DSC_5001 DSC_5085 DSC_5090

On another note, things are finally starting to slow down. And in the same way, speed up. My choir dress rehearsal and concert are on Friday and Saturday and then choir is over. I am currently working on Aria Photo’s website – writing SEO optimized blog posts, working out pricing, etc. I will refrain from talking about consumer math because it’s becoming a very unhealthy subject to bring up. (My health, you guys. Whenever I think about the awful stuff I have an epileptic fit.) Nor will I talk about my extremely long reading list because I’m a month and a half behind and getting nowhere. When I determined to read 120 books this year I forgot something – life. Oooops.


Tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, and broccoli are all growing really well in the hoop house. Sugar snap blossoms are coming on, after the fourth planting. (Planting 1: destroyed by cold. Planting 2: destroyed by rain. Planting 3: destroyed by one chicken that kept flying over two fences in order to eat the seeds. That chicken had gumption.) Asparagus are growing, and I would provide a picture, but the stalks are so skinny and fluffy that it’s hard to focus on them. Potatoes are tall. Cabbage and cauliflower are growing. New beds are being made for more planting. So things are going very well.

Now it’s May, which is unthinkable, because yesterday must have been March, remember? And next month will be June, then July, then August, then September, and uh-oh, the summer’s already going by too quickly.  WHY DOES SUMMER NEVER LAST?

(P.S. if April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?)

singing off,


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8 thoughts on “A Rant on Rain and miscellaneous items

  1. Megan says:

    HEAR HEAR! Sun is my favorite. And it doesn’t work too well when it’s raining and Dad’s trying to plant his corn, but I’m thankful it’s not really dry like it was in the winter. Some people like rainy days but I prefer sunshine and cheerfulness. Although I must admit, I do love it when the sun comes out after a shower and everything looks so fresh and clean and sparkly.

    • Aria says:

      Yeah, I can imagine trying to plant in the rain: ummm, actually, it doesn’t need any imagining, because we’ve done it before. Hehe. Yeah! I do love it when the sun is out after a shower. Smells good too. But yeah, I’m so tired of rainy days!

  2. Allison says:

    GAHHH SO PRETTY! I especially loved the one of the periwinkle-colored flowers and the butterfly on flowers. :) So, um… what is Consumer Math exactly? *Winces* Oh yeah, Aria said not to talk about it. *nervous laugh* XD XD XD Dear dear. And I know, right?! I always kind of freak out about how fast the year has flown by right about now, in May.
    P. S. PILGRIMS! Ha, I got you. 😉
    P. P. S. I did indeed get your lovely email, I just haven’t finished replying to it yet – just in case you were worrying. 😉

    • Aria says:

      AHHH THANK YOU! My personal favorites are the poppies. I LOVE POPPIES SO MUCH. Consumer Math? How DARE you bring up the subject? *has an epileptic fit* Ummm, it’s like very boring practical math that I would appreciate except for the fact that it’s very boring, repetitive, and lasting waaaayyyy, waaaayyyy too long. Interest and loans and credit cards and retirement and monetary things.
      Ugh! I know I half want time to fly but I half don’t…I wish summers were longer than falls and winters; just like my cousin Eden wishes weekends were 5 days long.
      P.S. YES! YOU GOT IT! Here’s another: if the day before New Year’s is New Year’s Eve, what’s the day before New Year’s Eve?
      P.P.S. Oh, that’s quite all right! Some people take 2 months to respond to me, so you’ve got a good while 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    Rain . . . Ugh . . . XD

    OKAY ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS ARE GOALS. Speaking of which . . . YOUR WEBSITE IS UP OH MY GOSH! It’s so PRETTY! *flails*

    • Aria says:

      I know it. But thankfully, we’re getting less rain now! Only the problem is, now it’s getting hot. I hate heat. But I also hate winter. Ugh, I’m so picky.
      AWWWW THANK YOU DAHLING! Eeeeep! Yes it is and thank you so much! :)

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