Aesthetic. It’s a word that’s used a lot nowadays, especially online. But what does it mean, really? According to the definition, aesthetic kind of just means beautiful. What is interesting is that, when I use the word “aesthetic”, I don’t mean beautiful, but well-composed, light, airy, coordinated, modern, bright, and, of course, pleasing to the eye. Eye-candy. Don’t you think? At least that’s my definition of aesthetic.

Because it’s winter (even though the weather has been crazy warm for this time of year), it’s kind of gray outside. Unless you count the green curlex on the lawn. 😛 So it’s a hard time for photography. I got inspired last week to create some flat lay or “aesthetic” photos with some of my cute things hanging around on my desk, so here is the result!

purrfectly-inspired-20 purrfectly-inspired-19 purrfectly-inspired-18 purrfectly-inspired-17 purrfectly-inspired-13 purrfectly-inspired-14 purrfectly-inspired-15 purrfectly-inspired-16purrfectly-inspired-24


The little gold cat is a ring-holder. Isn’t it so cute? And all the written French happens to be song lyrics from a couple of my vocal pieces :) French is a beautiful language but ugh, it’s so hard to learn!
What do you think about the word “aesthetic”?  
also what’s your weather like?
and as a disclaimer,  my mom thinks the rings look like wedding rings but ha, they aren’t.
singing off,

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12 thoughts on “Aesthetic

  1. Catharine Runion says:

    I feel like “aesthetic” (that’s a hard one to spell) means kind of cozy, or something that makes you happy. Our weather has been odd – one day it rains, the next it snows, then it’s foggy and 58 degrees – but one thing is the same every day: the eternal grey sky. Bleh. I can’t wait for spring!

  2. Sarah says:

    Aesthetic to me also means something that pleases the eye. I’ve developed a habit of collecting everything pretty that comes my way — tiny plants, notebooks, even pretty coloring sheets. 😂 Anywho, your photos are lovely, Aria! The cat ring holder is so cute!

    • Aria says:

      Hehehe…I understand your problem. 😉 When I go shopping with my grandmother, I always head right towards the stationary and she’s like, “oh no you don’t”. Haha, I also collect mugs…when I get married I will definitely not need to buy any mugs because I have like 6 already…So glad you like them! :)

  3. Allison says:

    Ooh, pretty! My favorite picture might be the one of the yellow stuff (what IS that? XD ) in the jar, and the last one. And I think of aesthetic as someone’s definition of beautiful – what appeals to a certain person, and something that changes depending on your tastes.

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