First Snow in a Year // My New Boots


“The sun that brief December day
rose cheerless over hills of gray.” 

Only it was January, not December, and the sun didn’t have a chance to rise because it snowed in the night! So I suppose Whittier’s Snowbound doesn’t quite fit our case. :)


This past weekend, we got snow! About four or five inches of it too, I’d say. Friday afternoon it started snowing pretty hard (at least for where I live – it wasn’t like a blizzard or anything) around 3:00, stopped an hour later and resumed at 7:00. When I woke up on Saturday morning, we had a fair bit of snow (but not as much as last year’s 11 inches).


My dad thinks we’ll get more later in the month, but I don’t know. We get only about one big snowstorm per year, and this year it’s 2 weeks earlier than normal. (which is good, as chorus is starting and after chorus starts I SIMPLY CANNOT BE SNOWED IN.)


Anyway, we’re currently (as of Saturday, when I’m writing this) sporting 20 degrees and freezing, but then on Friday it’s supposed to be 64. Our location is notorious for its interesting weather. Interesting, my foot! IT’S POSITIVELY LUNATIC WEATHER, I TELL YOU.



Anyway, because of the coming snow and cold weather (and largely because the only boots I own are leather uninsulated cowgirl boots with no traction), I got new boots! And I love them. They’re furry and soft and waterproof and pretty and boots :)


yes, those are pants, the only pants I own and exclusively for garden work or snow.


See, aren’t they cute?



Junior was out at 9:00 this morning sledding, but I stayed inside (like a wise person) typing out my 2017 reading list on my typewriter (because I don’t own a printer and it’s too long to hand-write)  until I went down this afternoon to watch The White Cliffs of Dover with Granddaddy. A PERFECT TEAR-JERKER. It cost more in tissues than it did to rent.



And we drank hot chocolate with it.

So that was my snow day! Have you gotten any snow recently? Do you like the snow? To be honest, I don’t :/

singing off

purrfectly inspired (1)

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12 thoughts on “First Snow in a Year // My New Boots

    • Aria says:

      Hehe, around here no one gets school off because we’re all homeschooled! Plus it snowed on the weekend so even if we did go to school, we probably would be back yesterday. It all melted. :)
      I know right? Thanks! AND YES YOU DO TYPEWRITERS ARE THE BEST.

  1. Catharine says:

    Well, I wish I liked the snow, because where I live we never STOP getting snow. Ugh. Rochester is ALWAYS at least under 20 degrees. We never get snow days though because we’re too prepared for the snow! But I LOVE your boots! Where did you get them? Seriously jealous right now! 😃

    • Aria says:

      Ugh. Well, you have a fellow snow-hater, even if our weather is warmer and we get one snow a year. 😉
      Thanks! We have a Discount Shoes nearby, but I hyperlinked to Amazon in the post where you can get them for the same price 😀

  2. Cat says:

    I love it when it snows! The PNW got hit with a huge snowstorm this year! We got about a foot of snow! It is a historical storm for this area. My brother and I took advantage of the snow and build a snowman bigger than us! We also went sledding. School just got started again last Monday and the storm came Tuesday night…and school was out for the entire week! 5 days later and there is still snow and ice everywhere.

    Cat //

    • Aria says:

      Whoah! Last year we got 10-11 inches which was pretty historical, but we live south, so that’s interesting. Sounds like you had a lot of fun :) All our snow melted three days ago because of the crazy warm temperatures. But whoah! Yay no school! 😛 Us homeschoolers were doing school straight through.

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