St. Augustine Photo Dump // Day I


Hello hello! As I’m sure you guessed, we are back from our trip! We had a simply marvelous time and I can’t wait to share all about it. I’ll start with Sunday, the day after we arrived. Below are photos and then my journal entry.


i had a really fun time editing these pictures – this may be my favorite.

amelia-island-pictures amelia-island-pictures-2


all pictures of me courtesy of jr

amelia-island-pictures-3 amelia-island-pictures-4 DSC_0169 (2)amelia-island-pictures-5 amelia-island-pictures-6 amelia-island-pictures-7 DSC_0160 (2)amelia-island-pictures-8 amelia-island-pictures-9 amelia-island-pictures-10 amelia-island-pictures-11 amelia-island-pictures-12 amelia-island-pictures-13 amelia-island-pictures-14amelia-island-pictures-21

or this one


yes, my mom and i are matching

amelia-island-pictures-16 amelia-island-pictures-17 amelia-island-pictures-18 amelia-island-pictures-20 amelia-island-pictures-22 amelia-island-pictures-23



This morning Junior and I woke up around 8:00. I put on the kettle and we had tea and Muttie’s delicious cheese braid for breakfast. It is now 10:40 and Mama and Daddy are eating. We are supposed to go to the Ritz, but I’m not sure when.

Around 12:00, we left for Amelia Island. I think Junior was surprised with how big and soily it was – he was rather expecting a pile of sand with the Ritz in the middle :) We found a public entrance to the beach and went down to fly a kite, take pictures, and get wet. Well…I got wet, at least. Mama didn’t get very wet, and Daddy and Junior wore shoes. But I ended up getting my maxi dress wet up past the knees. So what? I hadn’t been to the beach in 6 years! We went to the Ritz (my dress, thankfully, didn’t show that it was wet, but it took many hours to dry) around 2:30 and walked around and sat in the lobby lounge for a while until Junior and I couldn’t wait for dinner (we had no lunch and were simply starving!) so we ordered some edamame (of which only I consumed) and Shirley Temples. Finally, at five the restaurant opened, but they didn’t have availability until 5:45. By this time Mama and I were quite chilly, due to her dress being slightly wet and mine very wet. So we walked around the hotel and did a bunch of nothing until we could eat.

Once we finally were able to sit down on the restaurant’s heated terrace and order food, I got country ham with fries, capers, baby serkins, brioche, and house mustard for an appetizer. For an entree, I had Duo of Florida Wagyu Beef with potato puree, collard greens and salt and vinegar potato chips. And for dessert, I had a chocolate yule log with butterscotch Anglaise and toasted marshmallow gelato.

After we arrived back at the campground, we were all so tired that we went to bed as soon as Junior and I took our 5-minute showers. It was a busy day!

And that was the first real day! Next week will come Monday and so forth. What’s your favorite beach picture?

singing off,

purrfectly inspired (1)

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16 thoughts on “St. Augustine Photo Dump // Day I

    • Aria says:

      I believe it is! Mallory has a picture of a hotel on her blog – which was south of the Ritz. Facing the water, it would be to the right of us. So yeah, same beach. That’s funny :)

  1. Kiley says:

    Wow. That does sound like a busy day! I love the beach, me my dad and my brother always go out and boogie board :) I thought it was so cute that You and your mom had matching dresses! :) Those pictures were so good Aria! I loved the first one of the seagull!

  2. LUVEMS says:

    I wish I could have been there with you humans. It looks like you humans had a good time. I sure missed you, humans.

    P.S. Tiger was out all night every night.

  3. Allison says:

    OH MY GOODNESS THOSE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS! 😀 Ahem. But I loved them! Especially the seagull pictures. Like Megan said, I think that’s the same beach we went too! Only we didn’t see any seagulls I don’t think. :( But boy, was it fun! That was one of my favorite vacations. ♥ Did you see lots of shells? We found pretty many, and we found tons of cochina shells – you know those little colorful clam shells that burrow in the sand? We actually gathered a bunch and made cochina soup. :) It was sooo much fun!
    Wow, it sounds like you got a ton of food at the Ritz. XD Yumm!
    Anyway, I loved this post, Aria, and I can’t wait to see the next part!

    • Aria says:

      OH MY GOODNESS I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVED THEM and thanks for making my day! :) ♥ I know – isn’t that funny? And oh dear, no seagulls? :( Yeah, I love the beach too :) There were some shells, but not too many. But that’s funny about the coquina – Junior and I used to collect them when we were little – which was basically the last time we were at the beach 😉
      Haha, I sure did and boy oh boy it was good :) It’s a family joke that I eat…a lot 😛
      Yay! I’ve already got it scheduled. :)

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