Senior Portrait Sessions 2016-17


I am super excited for this coming school year! Not because I am graduating, but because I have practically nagged the two friends of mine who are graduating to death. You see, since I now have a dSLR, and I have been working on my photography skills…..well, I wanted to take their senior portraits! And guess what? They both consented. I’m jumping up and down (okay, not really. the dignity of a rising junior must be kept 😉 with excitement because I love photography, I love my friends, and…I RARELY EVER GET TO PHOTOGRAPH PEOPLE! So this post is mainly for them, but if you are a rising senior this year and interested getting your senior portraits done, this should help if you have any questions! I’ve done a lot of research for this.

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Canning Tomatoes


We have a lot of tomatoes.

And when I say a lot, I mean it.

We have so many that we have to can them. Last year we made a lot of tomato sauce and salsa, but this year we decided not to. We’ve just been canning plain tomatoes, so that when we need to make sauce and stuff, we’ll have our fresh garden tomatoes.

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Authentic Kaese Spaetzle


I have a rather interesting family background. My father is Canadian, and my mom is part English, part German with Hungarian, Scottish, and a bunch of other stuff thrown in. Mostly just English and German. There’s one thing that we carry from the German side, and that’s the food. Our favorite dish is kaese spaetzle – sort of like the German form of macaroni and cheese.  It starts with a homemade noodle.

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