What’s On My Desk?

Hey, y’all! So I haven’t seen one of these posts yet, but when I sent out my back-to-school questionnaire to my email subscribers, quite a few of them, actually, suggested that I write a post on how I organize my desk/what I keep at my desk…stuff like that.

I loved the idea, of course.

So here’s what is on my desk.


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How I Pack my Backpack


I’m homeschooled, and I don’t do any homeschool co-ops. HOWEVER, I know that not all of you guys are homeschooled as well, and I thought that doing a “what I keep in my backpack” post for you public/private schoolers would be a good idea and helpful! So here’s what I [would] pack in my school backpack.

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Farm Update: Garden

Y’all, the garden grows! It’s crazy. These plants are growing faster than the weeds! A few mornings ago, I went down to the garden with the camera so I could document it all! The pictures turned out really well and I thought I should give y’all a farm update. So here you go!


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